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The initiative of our restaurant is patronized by A.M.I.R.A. (Association of Italian Maîtres restaurants and Hotels (in italianAlberghi) department of Venice. The A.M.I.R.A. was founded in 1955 at the Savini Restaurant in Milan, is an association that has an organization of 50 Sections nationwide and some foreign representatives which bring together several thousand members, not a very high number that will not grow a lot due to the severe requirements for new members. It is, a purely professional association non-profit.


Bring together Italian and with Italian origins Maîtres, or from a nation U.I.M.H. member that offer a guaranty of serious professionals. Increase mutual understanding and friendship among members and intensify the exchange of news and professional experience and its updating. Liaise with sister organizations both in Italy and abroad. Create opportunities to meet and discuss issues related to the food service and hospitality in general. Promotes cultural and professional initiatives for the qualification of Maîtres, collaborate with the Hotel and similar institutions to encourage schools to train young aspirants Maîtres. Promote events and initiatives that consequently, affect the press, in order to disseminate among the public figure the importance of a Maître in the context of tourism development.

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